Hitting the Pause button

Life has been hectic and with much thought and consideration, + a good dose of luck (or divine intervention), I have come to hit the Pause button on teaching maths….I was actually starting to enjoy it, too, but I’ll post on that another time.

Actually, I also hit the Stop button on one school so I can press Play on another school. (In my mind, play is the operative word).

In my new school, another private girls’ high school, I will take on the role of ICT integrator (a.k.a.-  ed tech).

A previous colleague asked, “Does this change means the death of this blog?” True, this blog has focused on my journey as a maths teacher.  However, the premise for this blog has always been around my passion for learning.

So, I hope to keep this blog alive. I think it will even be cross-curricular as I will work with different faculties. Just imagine the possibilities! WCYDWT comes to mind, in a bigger playground at that.  I’ve got to be a bit more clever with tags maybe.

Is this a wise thing or should I set up another blog and keep this maths-focused? Will the maths faculty there ‘play’ with me?

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