Thanks for your good thinking made public

Today I got a book direct from @KathleenCushman, Fires in the Mind. Her personal message included the title of this post, “thanks for your good thinking made public”.

I’m excited, naturally, as this gesture is a result of a comment made on her fabulous blog of the same title, which I found by attending an elluminate session hosted by @SteveHargadon, an event I found out about via Twitter, which I joined, by the way, via @plu who also inspired me to set up this blog.

My point is, I am where I am now, humble as it is, because of the people and #hashtags (eg. #edtech, #edchat)¬†I follow on Twitter (and their blogs – those hyperlinks are lures indeed as @mpesce would say). These are innumerable (ok, I know how many I follow but with the #hashtags, that’s a real and growing variable). ¬†Anyway, all these people made – and keep making – their good thinking public.

So to all of you, THANK YOU. You are all inspirational!

Keep sharing.

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2 thoughts on “Thanks for your good thinking made public

  1. Denise Krebs says:

    Malyn, thanks for sharing this post back to those of us who came after you in this blogging world. I hadn’t read this, and I love it. Those hyperlinks are lures, aren’t they? And I thank you for reading my blog. You are an inspiration!


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