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I seem to have accumulated a few spaces along my blogging journey.  This isn’t even all of it!

This blog is dedicated to inquiry.  It is a community of educators who engage in inquiry as learners and teachers.  It’s such a joy to be part of this open community.

I do ask a lot of questions and Inquire Within is an ideal platform.   Cross-posting is allowed but so far, I have not done so, i.e. what I write in Inquire Within can only be found there.




 10minutes is my creativity blog.  It’s a companion blog to my entry into The Sketchbook Project 2012.  Once submitted, my sketchbook gets to go around the world and eventually become part of the Brooklyn Art Gallery.  Awesome.  The idea is to blog about each “sketch”, accessible via embedded QR codes in the sketchbook, i.e. a “read more” option for each artpiece.






I love organising children’s parties.  Having 2 kiddies, I get to do this 2x a year.  I have some party ideas that can be used as-is or adapted into the classrooms.   First post on Angry Birds is proving popular so maybe I will keep posting.


 This is a whimsical photography blog.  Just capturing life and the world, a snapshot at a time.






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