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This is a quick post to share an idea and related resource.

Year 8 is about to have a maths exam next week with multiple topics: Algebra and Equations, Fractions/Decimals/Percentages, Angles, Circles/Areas and Ratios. To make revision a bit more fun, I’m doing it as team work and relay style.  The main objective is for students to identify topics they need to personally revise, i.e. assessment for learning.

There are 2 relay games and these are available as aWord document – ready to use or even alter to suit your needs – ie different topics and/or year group. To use, cut the relay questions – this one is ready for 3 groups; duplicate for more groups. Cut into columns.

  1. Divide students into 5 per team – assign names or ‘tribes’ if you like to suit a Survivor challenge theme
  2. Assign each student a number from 1 to 5  (or they pick themselves)
  3. Give Relay 1 questions to each group and a piece of blank paper for solutions. No discussions allowed at this point.
  4. Student 1 answers Q1 and pass answer and questions to Student 2.  Student 2 needs Q1 answer to solve Q2, Q2 answer to solve Q3, etc.  It’s up to you if you want students to work individually or cumulatively help each other such that by the time they get to Q5, the whole team works on it. This is my preferred option for differentiation purposes, i.e. those I think need the  most help will be Student 5.
  5. First team to get the correct answer wins.  If a team’s answer is wrong, trace back for errors.
  6. De-brief to help students identify where they might have struggled a bit and therefore need more revision.
  7. Run Relay 2 in the same way, i.e. build on from Student 1 with Q1 to the end.

That’s it. This idea can also be used at the start or end of school as well or even just as a team-building exercise, e.g. before a group sets off on a project.

Can you think of any more adaptations?

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3 thoughts on “Revision Relay

  1. Jeff Trevaskis says:

    Great idea – I love it. I will have to get to work and produce a few similar worksheets for my classes. Thanks for the idea and worksheet! Stay tuned to “Webmaths” for developments.

  2. malyn says:

    Dear Mr T

    Thanks for the comment and the link to Webmaths – will add you to my blogroll (as well).

    This lesson actually did go well and the students ‘saw’ which topics they needed to revise in a fun and non-threatening way.

    A colleague also got excited with the idea and the questions themselves – I encouraged her to comment here so we can capture her thoughts!


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