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PLN (Professional / Personal Learning Network) seems to be a big thing in the education community. I’ve responded to requests to answer what it is and why it is important, especially in the past few weeks. Usually, it’s over on Twitter with some special hashtag. Occasionally, it’s for blog posts (re: I <3 Twitter) or some web tool like linoit or Google docs.

I respond to such requests because having a PLN is important to me: the I <3 Twitter post explains why. When Dr Alec Couros tweeted out a request for an unKeynote, I thought I’d do it.

The link goes to a blog post that outlines the request in more detail, including options for submissions; in true form, varied. I decided to make a video because:

  1. I’m on school holidays and have the time,
  2. I wanted to improve my iMovie skills,
  3. I’ve not responded via  a video before,
  4. I like the idea of “social networks“, and
  5. so I can say I’ve made a video for both Alec and George (apropos: Playing in Public) – just realised both videos are for Keynotes! Ha!

I’ve decided that the term Social Network appeals to me more than PLN does (either in its Professional or Personal variant). It is more meaningful and relevant….to me, anyway. I could harp on about how my networks help me learn and grow but sometimes, it really is just for the sheer joy of “being with” – the social bit!

It’s a very short video (less than a minute) and tailored to meet Alec’s request but I think encapsulates much of what I want to say. Who knew I could be concise? I think I need to explore movies more as a form of self-expression! Granted, the movie would make more sense if you read the I <3 Twitter post. 😉

I’m very happy that the video somehow captures the many people in my various social networks (tip: play “I spy”).

Here it is:

A video created for Dr Alec Couros for his PLE keynote: http://educationaltechnology.ca/couros/2091

It attempts to answer the question: Why do social networks matter in teaching and learning?

This is my personal take on it, ie a personal response, one that applies to me specifically…and hopefully, it is universal.

I love my social networks

All up, I met all the “goals” listed above such that, even if Alec doesn’t use it, I’m happy to have done this video!

P.s. If you’re reading this post, please be social and leave a comment! 🙂

Technical Info

(for those who may be curious):

The movie started off as an iMovie trailer – really nifty with a ready-made storyboard, title, effects and even soundtrack. Then it was converted into an iMovie project (File>Convert to Project) for more editing options including more varied media to include (iMovie trailers only allows video clips), i.e. photos, text, sounds.

For the screen grabs, I used QuickTime (File>New Screen Recording). Where I was too slow scrolling at the time of recording, I managed to fix via fast-forwarding the clip in iMovie.

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10 thoughts on “On social networks

  1. Pam Thompson says:

    Hi Malyn. I don’t think it matters what you call it, it’s more how you use it 🙂
    I have learned so much from others via my networks, whether it’s an idea to use the next day in the classroom, a tool to use in my planning or assessing, an opportunity to collaborate or something to get me thinking. I think networking is essential for today’s teachers, and students, and hope I can convince some more teachers to get into it at the CEGSA conference this week!

    • malyn says:

      Thanks for visiting and commenting Pam. Did you come via my link to your lino.it?

      You’re so right about being inspired by our networks – it was so challenging for me to compress the essence into a video that’s no more than a minute long.

      I also hope you convince more teachers to develop their networks digitally and face-to-face.

  2. Ed says:

    Awesome video created by a multi-talented member of my network!

    A friend
    with whom I will drink tea
    somewhere in the middle
    some day.
    A kindred spirit
    who loves to learn
    with whom
    I’d love to work
    (or play)
    some day.

    • malyn says:

      Hi Jeannette. Thank you and thank you for being part of my network – hope you don’t mind having your picture in the video!!!!

  3. Miss T says:

    Love your video on social networks, imovie is such fun and good to use. I have just bought a mac book pro, so am looking forward to using iMovie on that, up until now just on my iPhone which doesn’t have the full features.

    Anyway I am gathering resources on video making so am going to add your video to my livebinder!


    • malyn says:

      thanks Kathryn.

      I’m really loving iMovie. So much you can do! Enjoy your mbp. I haven’t used iMovie on the iPhone. The iPad version is good.

  4. Penny Bentley says:

    Love your video Malyn, it says a great deal about social networks and how you use them to connect, learn from and share with so many.
    Thanks for sharing #whynetworksmatter with us.

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