I <3 Twitter

This is a post I’ve promised to write for @ClareFrogatt, an inspirational educator and individual. It’s taken me a long time to write because (a) I have been busy…still am and (b) I didn’t quite know how to blog about it….until now.

Over a year ago, I blogged “On Bliss and Passion” exploring these two notions, inspired by Joseph Campbell and  his “Follow your bliss” mantra. In that post I discussed what it means to me to follow my bliss and settled for an alliteration: Create, Challenge and Connect.

Revisiting that post recently gave me a framework to write this Twitter post. See, Twitter has been instrumental in a year of creating, (being) challenged and connecting….nearly everyday. Here are a few examples.


My short Twitter bio, particularly the “frustrated artist” bit, prompted @debhoggoz to tell me about the ArtHouse Sketchbook World Tour 2012 project. At this point, I had not even met Deb. Doing the project turned out to be an amazing learning journey for me, and I got so much out of it, beyond my expectations, including developing my Twitter friendship with @janellewilson. Now, I am still a frustrated artist BUT I can honestly say, I am working at being less frustrated (check out my updated bio).

Read more about my sketchbook project in the companion blog I created, 10minutes. You can also view my sketchbook in the ArtHouse Digital Library. Perhaps the world tour will visit your city and you can view it in real life.

My sketchbook’s catalogue number is 158A.1-6. Please drop me a line on my Guestbook page.


I found out about the Edublogs Teacher Challenge via Twitter, using #ksyb hashtag. I did the #ksyb challenge in 2010, and learned so much about blogging and myself as a blogger. I also met several people who are now firmly part of my PLN. Doing a challenge together is definitely community-building!

George Couros asked me to do a video for one of his keynotes. I really felt challenged and nearly baulked and George convinced me via Twitter. So face up to the challenge I did and this was the result.

Twitter also constantly provides a stream of ideas that challenge me into action such as trying games-based learning and inquiry…. and so I have a go.  A personal favourite was the challenge to find out how to teach empathy which ended with this post on how to teach empathy, my first attempt at crowd-sourcing.

Another personal favourite was a challenge by @whatedsaid to Be Amazing. It was a rare and personal gift.

Often, my thinking is challenged as when @cpaterso questioned why I like ClassDojo, for example. I love that it is not an echo chamber for me.

…and so on and so forth…in fact, many of my blog posts are a result of some seed planted via Twitter.


Twitter is a social media tool, after all, so with it, I connect. For the first few years, I focused on just connecting ideas – drawing inspiration from the people I followed. Last year, I started connecting people and that means engaging in conversation, blurring the boundaries between professional and personal; sharing a bit of who I am outside of my teaching profession helped.

And oh, the people I’ve met!!!!! I am fortunate to be engaging in conversation with some of the most forward-thinking and passionate practitioners. Check out who I follow.

Yesterday was my birthday and my Twitter stream was awash with well wishes, topped off with this groupcard instigated by @townesy77 and @mbennett_edu and signed by people special to me in many ways – 27 definite #ff’s:

@townesy77 @courosa @danhaesler @whartonag@betchaboy @clarindabrown

@wanstad73 @liamdunphy @HenriettaMi@7Mrsjames @jokay @johnqgoh

@mpesce @mesterman @mbennett_edu @MitchSquires @BiancaH80  @pipcleaves

@rolfek @shereej3@simoncrook @Steve_Collis @woojm @EduSum @vivimat78

@sthcrft @heyjudeonline

Really felt the PLN love, a PLN that connects mainly by Twitter. THANK YOU.

Twitter is a great way to connect. I must add, however, that Twitter is not the only way I connect. I have Edmodo, TeachMeets, blogging, Instagram as well as meeting for cuppas. That said,


I really do love Twitter


I love the people I connect with in Twitter.

My tweeps help me follow my bliss. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “I <3 Twitter

  1. Simon Harper says:

    Malyn I am a twitter newbie and in 8 weeks I have met some amazing educators on twitter. I think twitter is more personal than edmodo. I do love the ability to get to know pln connections faster and share ideas quickly and convienently. I am currently sitting at the base of my one and a half year olds cot waiting for her to go to sleep and tweeting to the world This has been a revelation for me.

    • malyn says:

      It is a great way to connect, for sure…..more “mature” than edmodo – you should see my year 9s on edmodo; they treat it like facebook almost so it can be ‘personal’, too.

      Thanks for dropping by and hope to catch up soon over a cuppa!

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