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@twopcharts tweeted me today saying it’s my 4th anniversary on Twitter.  I don’t really keep track of such things but the tiny bit of maths geek in me got lured by the promise of stats in the site, of which the above is just a fraction.  Anyway, what the stats do not show is that most of my Twitter activity happened in the last 12 months or so. The latter is important to state because it means that Twitter for me is only as good as the people I connect with – it is social media after all.  Having more people to interact with makes it far more fun, engaging, enlightening, challenging, interesting, so on and so forth.

It is wonderful that today, of all days, I get to chat to @lasic about Twitter and social media, in general.  It is a pretty good snapshot of how I view Twitter; on my 4th anniversary – here’s a Storify this conversation.

And finally, I read @ChrisWejr‘s post: Social Media and Education: who is it really about? I quote from my comment there,

Today I celebrate my 4th year in Twitter and looking back, I’ve gained sooooo much from it. People do come and go, and that’s fine….it has to be because that’s life. What I can do, and actually do, is try to nurture what I can – the people I gravitate to. It’s one great big, organic narrative really and I love how stories get woven and intertwine.

Many more conversations happened today – stories woven and intertwined.  I have to say, this has been a great way to celebrate a Twitter anniversary!





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One thought on “Twitter and me

  1. Fiona Jostsons says:

    I have just read this and I have to say its a bit of a WOW moment for me! So far I have been using twitter to find and share resources. In fact when I think about it I’m using twitter as a bookmarking tool! My eyes have been opened! This is a great demonstration of critical thinking and deep and meaningful connections!
    Thanks for sharing!

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