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A post for the Edublogs Teacher Challenge Kicstart Activity #4.

One of the memorable lines in Avatar, the movie, is “I see you”.

Avatars provide a face*  to the digital words and sounds you put out there so people can see you. The nice thing about avatars is that they don’t have to be a real photo (mine currently is for this blog and Twitter). Avatars can be cartoonised (my FB profile pic) or caricatures (mine was via PicassoHead). I’ve even seen QR codes which are pretty nifty because QR codes can be loaded with contact details or a hyperlink to a blog (awesome partnered with mobile devices) so people can see more of you. Mine was done via goo.gl.

via Photoshop

via Photoshop

via Picassohead

via Picassohead

via Goo.gl

via Goo.gl

 Maybe it’s about time I update my avatar. Maybe.


*So what with the “face”?

In my About page, I mentioned my love for Philosophy. I remember when we studied the power of the face when we interact with people. I can still wondering then, “is this why faces were covered before execution by hanging or be-heading?”, i.e. to literally de-personalize. Faces make our interactions more personal, be it real or virtual/digital.

When you leave some comment below, will I be able to say “I see you“? If you haven’t got one, get the low down on @BrittGow’s post on ways to create avatars.

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8 thoughts on “Avatar – See me

  1. Kathryn says:

    Your post has ideas to reflect on. Also I have noticed people talking about QR codes so thanks for that education, it was informative. I can see how useful they are, but I have to say “I can’t see you!” with a QR code.
    Somewhat icy shiver went down my spine when you mentioned the head covering before execution. I guess you are totally right as to why. Horrible.

  2. Andrea Nichols says:

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog! I liked your post as well! We have a shared love for the movie Avatar! I like the avatars that you created for this post as well. You did a good job making them look like yourself. I see that you use your real photo for your actual blog avatar, though. That’s nice too.


  3. Nancy C says:

    Hi – I thought it was interesting that you added the QR code to your avatar. I have been reading about those lately and wasn’t really sure what that was all about. I kind of get it – but like Kathryn, I think I’d like to see something other than a QR code. Thanks.

  4. Elaine says:

    I love QR codes and use them with my smart phone a lot. I have never created any yet, but I think we will see more and more of them as time goes on.

    I know there are educational uses for them, but since my school district prohibits student phones I don’t know how I could use them.

    I only saw Avatar once at the theatre. I would love to see it at an IMAX. They did an excellent job with the special effects, but did not allow them to overwhelm the plot.

  5. malyn says:

    I added the QR code in as a ring-in and yet it probably generated the most interest, so to speak.

    @Elaine, please head over to @tombarrett’s ed.tech blog. He explained how he used desktops and a webcam to work with QR codes, i.e. didn’t need mobile devices. As he said, QR codes improve web access

    Thanks for popping by.

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