An algorithm for introducing algorithms

This was originally posted on Grok Learning’s blog – a site worth visiting! Some years back I blogged about teaching coding, including how I introduced programming. Some months back I wrote about computational thinking (CT) and coding and the need to distinguish the two. This time, I’d like to dive deeper into introducing algorithms as […]


Early this week I found out from my  English father-in-law of a call to revamp assessments in schools, towards more exams as kids were not prepared for academic rigour in university-level.  My first thought then was that the pendulum was swinging back to tests as assessments. I didn’t make any more of it until this […]

Maths not = calculating

I came across (maths ≠ calculating) via @JeffUtecht’s post My 25%PD. Both these links are worth visiting but let me focus on the first. founded by Conrad Wolfram – yup, the Wolfram behind the site anyone who’s ever googled a maths problem/question would have visited at some stage. Conrad Wolfram’s TED talk \”Stop teaching calculating […]