Analogies and Algebra

Analogies In the course I attended recently, we spent a fair bit of time on discussing Analogies as a teaching-learning strategy.  There is probably not one person who has never used this strategy before, particularly if you ascribe to the thinking that we learn by connections.  Hence, the initial omission. However, I’ve learned today how […]

Polya, GGSC and Algebra

Polya and Algebra I introduced Polya to my year 7 maths class when we started Algebra. Well actually, all I said was Polya stated that “if the problem is too hard, try a simpler one“. A bit of googling and I learned that Polya said it more elegantly – If you can ‘t solve a problem, […]

An algorithm for introducing algorithms

This was originally posted on Grok Learning’s blog – a site worth visiting! Some years back I blogged about teaching coding, including how I introduced programming. Some months back I wrote about computational thinking (CT) and coding and the need to distinguish the two. This time, I’d like to dive deeper into introducing algorithms as […]