More of the same

It’s amazing how a year can turn out really.  I like to plan and organise; I’ve learned to be good at these, in fact. Yet, looking back at 2011, I can say that much of the amazing things have not been planned at all.  No real agenda but an attitude of “Let’s see what happens if I….”

Here’s what happened:

My 2011

I abstracted a list of my 2011 highlights and popped the words into Wordle.  I think it’s wonderful that the main themes (patterns) are an alliteration: connect, create, community.  Rather belatedly and with a touch of personal surprise, this makes evident that in 2011, I have followed my bliss.  Fancy that!

I’ve long given up new year’s resolutions.  Change can happen any time especially if I’m open to it.  How can I not want more of the same?

So my 2012 wish is to have more of the same!

Happy New Year everyone.  

If you were a part of my 2011 (and if you’re reading this, you most likely were),

may we continue to connect in 2012.

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12 thoughts on “More of the same

  1. Andrew says:

    This is a short, clear and succinct post that effectively captures so much of what you have taken away from this year. Thank you for being such an essential part of my PLN!

  2. Deb Hogg says:

    Happy New Year, Malyn!
    May 2012 be full of adventures!
    Thanks for your connectedness – your ability to collaborate without fuss – your clarity of vision!
    I’ve never thought of myself as very good at surprises but 2011 was full of them, and 2012 seems to sparkle already with the hint of more surprises to come!
    I hope it also includes health and happiness for you and your precious family,
    God bless!

  3. malyn says:

    Thank you Denise, Andrew and Deb. Amazingly you represent different ‘communities’ but all part of my PLN.
    For the record… Denise – KSYB, Andrew – TMSydney, Deb – Massively Minecraft and The Sketchbook Project.
    Most excellent.

  4. (Blanca) Margarita Parra says:

    Happy New Year!

    You helped me to connect to other people. Thank you for sharing.

    Best wishes for 2012. Have a year full of new things to learn and to share.


  5. onepercentyellow says:

    How entirely fitting that your post should connect me with such an inspirational idea. Follow your Bliss. Last night @Stephen_Hurley was broadcasting on #ds106radio about his yearly tradition of choosing a word to colour his life in the coming year. I have chosen the word courage… After reading your post, I found video interview of Joseph Campbell, and decided to do some drawing while I watched. His discussion of the dragon of our ego holding us in patterns of behaviour prompted a dragon on my page… and now I realize it is the year of the Dragon coming up! Man, sometimes the strings of serendipity are simply sagacious!

  6. malyn says:

    Fantastic comment Leslie. Thanks for sharing your story re: Bliss, Campbell, Courage and Dragon.

    You are so right that “sometimes the strings of serendipity are simply sagacious!” Well-said and spot on!

    I look forward to your post on your 2012 word.

  7. Karla says:

    Could not agree more with those three words. I also love Follow my Bliss. Awesome mantra.

    I actually love resolutions. I do them every year without fail. I like the idea of a new year, new start but I agree change can happen anytime if you want it too.

    I totally agree with Lets see what happens. Ha, my whole South America trip is a lets see what happens, lol.

    I am glad you were part of my 2011. Looking forward to 2012.

  8. onepercentyellow says:

    Life is so funny… I’m also on a let’s-see-what-happens trip to S. America. Just purchased my ticket to Peru yesterday and am leaving in 9 days. I’ll be in Peru until the end of April. If you’re swinging by, there’s an open door for any friend of @malynmaby’s!

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